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Anatomy & Regenerative Biology

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Hawley, T. S., & Hawley, R. G.. (2011). Flow cytometry protocols (3rd Ed.). New York, NY: Humana Press.

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Abdallah, C. (2011). Teen Pregnancy Testing: Risk Documentation Versus Cancellation?. J.Pediatr.Adolesc.Gynecol., 24(2), .

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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Banaudha, K., Kaliszewski, M., Korolnek, T., Florea, L., Yeung, M.L., Jeang, K.-T., Kumar, A.. (2011). MicroRNA silencing of tumor suppressor DLC-1 promotes efficient hepatitis C virus replication in primary human hepatocytes. Hepatology, 53(1), 53-61.

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Clinical Research & Leadership

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Waddill, D. D. W., & Marquardt, M. J.. (2011). The e-HR advantage: The complete handbook for technology-enabled human resources. Boston, MA: Nicholas Brealey Pub..

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is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

Agarwal, S Ehrlich, A. (2011). Stoma dermatitis: Prevalent but often overlooked - Clarifications. Dermatitis, 22(4), 234-235.

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Emergency Medicine

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Brown, J., & Mazel, J.. (2011). Cardiology emergencies. New York: Oxford University Press.

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Environmental & Occupational Health

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Epidemiology & Biostatistics

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Exercise Science

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Global Health

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Health Care Sciences

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Health Policy

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Health Services Management & Leadership

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Neurological Surgery

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Orthopaedic Surgery

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Pharmacology & Physiology

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Physical Therapy & Health Care Sciences

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Physician Assistant Studies

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Prevention & Community Health

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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School of Nursing

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