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Anatomy & Regenerative Biology

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Rosenstein, J. M., Krum, J. M. & Ruhrberg, C. . (2008). VEGF and the nervous system. In Ruhrberg, C. (Ed.), VEGF in Development. Springer.

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Wood, B.. (2008). Which is the more 'evolved' in modern humans, the hand or the foot?. Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery, 14(3), 142-144.

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Chawla, L. S., Dommu, A., Berger, A., Shih, S. and Patel, S. S.. (2008). Urinary sediment cast scoring index for acute kidney injury: a pilot study. Nephron, 110(3), c145-c150.

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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Pumfery, A/, Berro, R., & Kashanchi, F.. (2008). Chapter 15. Proteomics of viruses. In Vékey, K., Telekes, A., & Vertes, A. (Eds.), Medical applications of mass spectrometry. (pp.309-343) Oxford: Elsevier.

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Clinical Management and Leadership

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

Chretien, K., Goldman, E., & Faselis, C.. (2008). The reflective writing class blog: Using technology to promote reflection and professional development. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 23, 2066-2070.

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Goldman, E.F.. (2008). The power of work experiences: Characteristics critical to developing expertise in strategic thinking.. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 19, 217-239.

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Emergency Medicine

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Environmental & Occupational Health

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Epidemiology & Biostatistics

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Exercise Science

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Global Health

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Health Care Sciences

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Health Policy

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Microbiology, Immunology & Tropical Medicine

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Neurological Surgery

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Nursing Education

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Orthopaedic Surgery

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Pharmacology & Physiology

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Prevention & Community Health

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Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

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